My name is Tanner Walker. Somebody recently called me an Energy Coach, since I show people how to notice and play with their energetic states, in order to find their own answers.  Kind of like a cross between a Healer / Spiritual Counselor / Life Coach.  I am a software engineer, and for all of my life, I had also wanted to be a healer.  Once I found out I had some healing ability, all of my other interests fell away, and this is now my driving passion in life.


I work through the Holy Spirit.  While I have received other training, my inner guidance instructed me to release all of it and receive my teaching directly from God and Christ.


I spend most of my time experimenting with ways to do things more simply.  I play with energy as long as I am awake, and I love sharing this with other people.  I also have found ways to integrate this healing energy with technology; Conscious Technology, if you will.  So, I create tools to allow you to receive the benefits of a healing session whenever you want.


I strongly feel that increasing Self-Empowerment, Health, and Inner Peace throughout the world, is very important.  The world is changing rapidly, and just imagine how life could be if we could all work together and see how interconnected we all are!


To this end, I teach classes for people who are new to the healing realm, who want to take their abilities further in very simple ways.  Experienced healers have told me that they had learned new things at the classes I had taught, as well.  If you are interested, you can order my class notes (ebook) here.

During healing sessions, I tend to ask you a lot of questions in order for you to notice your responses, both physical and mental, to help you to find new perspectives in your situation.  I give you tools you can play with (various exercises like simple meditation, how to notice thought patterns, etc) in order to continue working on yourself after the session.  For a one-on-one session, please contact me through the contact page.

I have also created a program called Pocket Healer for the iPhone, and Desktop Healer for Windows and Mac.  It is available for $2.99, and gives you a 5 minute healing session at the push of a button!

If you would like to experience some Empowered Audio recordings, such as a Stress Relief meditation, please see the Store page.

I have also set up a Manifestation Healing page (titled “A Gift”), which will send you the energies of Manifestation