Flight Anxiety? Not what it seems!

Hi All!

I’m out in Ontario visiting my grandfather at the moment. The morning I went to the airport to fly out here, I started getting really nervous. I was accustomed to this… It had been happening for years when I’d fly. When I got on the plane, the anxiety built. I did some TFT, but it wouldn’t budge. After about 10 minutes or so, I remembered My Favorite Question (TM): “Is this mine?”

I asked the question, and then waited to see what would happen. *poof* the nervousness disappeared completely!

Turns out it was an empathic response I was feeling!

Next time you’re about to do something that is making you feel nervous, ask the question: “Is This Mine?”.

I actually ask this question quite often. Whenever anything emotional comes up, in fact. It always surprises me!

Have an awesome day!